Our FAQs

We hand make our masks in Hertfordshire in small batches to maintain freshness.


We use 99.6% natural ingredients, with our pink colour coming from our elderberry powder. The 0.4% synthetic ingredient is Retinol (Vitamin A).


We use British kaolin clay, which is a gentle cleanser and ideal for use on dry sensitive skin. We suggest when making the mask to add up to 20 drops of illuminating oil.


As well as British Kaolin clay, we also use British calcium bentonite clay. This clay has strong absorbing properties and can help remove sebum, or oil from the skin’s surface. We suggest when making the mask to add up to 10 drops of illuminating oil.


You can purchase the powder clay in a kraft paper pouch for £13.50.


You can purchase the illuminating oil with an aluminium cap for £13.50. 

Unfortunately not.

As the glass is frosted, it actually cannot be recycled. You can, however, re-purpose the pots to use as trinket dishes or even make candles out of them!

The glass pipette can be recycled, as well as the bamboo lids and caps. Check with your local recycling as to whether the rubber dropper tip can be recycled.


You can purchase our powder clay with the spatula and spoon for £16.50

For best results, we advise using our powder clay with the illuminating oil.


Please do not use the oil on its own on your skin. The quantities of oil have been carefully formulated to be safely used when combined with the powder clay and water. If you use the oil directly on your face, it may cause irritation.


We want everyone around the world to be able to use our mask and have the confidence to glow in their own skin! You will need to pay for the shipping fee for international orders.

Unfortunately, we currently do not ship to the USA or Canada or the EU.


We never test on animals. Our product has undergone extensive testing on those who would be using the mask – people!

100% safe!

Our product has had CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) testing, which is a requirement to sell cosmetics within the EU.

We use pearl powder, which has been likened to bee pollen and honey, however, we understand whether you use it or not would be down to your beliefs.


Please fill out the form here, and we will get back to you with our wholesale prices.

We love to collaborate!

Please email us at isobel@perlcosmetics.com for more information.


We would love to release more products, and dream of formulating a facial oil, exfoliator and moisturiser to complement the set.


If you notify us within 7 working days you wish to return the product, you will be refunded the full cost including delivery cost once we receive the returned product. If you notify us after the 7 working days, we will refund the full cost only after receiving the product.

A patch test is always recommended 24 hours prior to use, with redness being common after using clay masks as the clay stimulates blood flow to the skin. However, if redness and irritation remain after a few hours please take a photo and send it over to isobel@perlcosmetics.com. We will refund you fully for the cost of the mask.

Please inform us within one week of receiving your item with images of the damage.

We will arrange a pre-paid postage label for you to send back the damaged item and will send out a replacement.

If you do not inform us within one week of receiving the item, unfortunately we are unable to offer a replacement. 

No problem!

Drop us an email at isobel@perlcosmetics.com and we will be happy to answer your query!