Meet our founder

After losing her job at KPMG at the beginning of the pandemic, Isobel Perl decided to combine her interest in beauty and skincare with her degree in Biology to create the UK’s first Pink Clay Mask.

In September 2020 she started a new job at the Ministry of Defence and juggled full-time employment with a growing business. Fast forward to April 2021 and she made the brave decision to leave her new job and turn her growing side hustle into a full-time business.

“Using my degree in Biology and experience of working in a lab, as well as my love for all things skincare, I formulate and hand-make the pearl powder clay masks with illuminating oil,” explains Isobel.

“Whilst I was doing my market research, consumers told me they found clay masks the wrong texture, too drying or too oily. That is what my product solves. By being able to alter the amount of oil, you can create a mask to suit your skin’s needs. The instant glowing results say it all!”

Read more about Isobel’s story here and check out her feature in Tyla on how she turned losing her job into her dream business.

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