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Article: What happened at PERL HQ in February?

What happened at PERL HQ in February? - PERL Cosmetics

What happened at PERL HQ in February?

Despite February being the shortest month of the year - a LOT has happened at PERL!

Our TikTok went viral - and we sold out AGAIN! 💸

This month we’ve had our videos go viral on TikTok AGAIN - our sales have gone through the roof and we’re sold out of our Nourishing Lash Oil again!

This is now the fourth time we’ve sold out of Lash Oils - each time we are blown away by the love and support you’ve shown for this product! We promise we’re working hard to get this back in stock ASAP for you, and we’re also working on increasing our stock numbers to make sure we’re able to stay in stock longer to ensure everyone can get their hands on our products!

In the meantime - why not check out our skincare?

Our British Pink Clay Mask is one of our favourites, and is the first product we ever launched with! It’s your skin’s new best friend, with ingredients to renew your skin and bring out your natural glow.

Is your skin more sensitive? Try our French Green Clay Mask for soothing and calming. Follow up with out Radiance Facial Oil, great for all skin types, and mimics the sebum in your skin to hydrate without leaving skin feeling greasy!


Our Hair Oil tests are underway 💧

Our testers have all been trying out our newest product, the Stimulating Hair Oil, and they have been loving it so far! Here's what two of our testers had to say:

"I have used twice and it's made such a positive difference to my Locs they no longer feel brittle, as I have afro hair I can keep the oil in for 24 hours and add a generous amount before washing, and I follow up with my normal routine.
Will definitely keep using"

- Adz

"After washing my hair i noticed that my scalp had no dead skin/dandruff which is common for me. It worked really well with all my other products and for first time in long time i was able to get to 7 days between hair washes instead of 5 as i did not have any itching."

- Shanice

We’re getting ready to launch in coming months, with plans for some lovely bamboo hair accessories to go along with the oils. We’ve been trialing bamboo scalp exfoliators which we are loving - we haven’t seen these on the market anywhere! And of course to minimise damage to your hair we’ll be offering the Oil with a bamboo hair brush.



We hosted our first face masking event! 💖

We celebrated Galentine’s with the Self Love Lab to host the ultimate wellness pamper afternoon.

At our previous events we’ve led our guests through a lymphatic drainage facial massage using our Radiance Facial Oil.

But for this event we led our girls through a face mask session using our British Pink Clay Mask! The girls mixed up their masks, applied them, journaled and were led in a mindfulness exercise.

After the ultimate girly pamper session, Zarah from the Self Love Lab delivered a wonderful soundbath, using vibrations and sound healing to fully ground us and it was the most relaxing experience!

We can’t wait to host more events - please let us know if there’s anything you would like to see from us!



We hit 10,000 orders! 🌟

Wow - a crazy milestone to reach! We’re so proud and so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far, here’s to the next 10,000 orders!


Isobel visited 10 Downing Street 💼

Getting invited to 10 Downing Street was not part of my 2024 goals 😅

But here I was on Thursday morning, standing outside that famous door for a Prime Minister’s Breakfast Reception & Business Connect event

The event was a panel hosted by @rishisunakmp with 3 incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs:

👉 Tessa Clarke co-founder of
👉 Jordan Schwarzenberger co-founder of
👉 Thomas Beahon co-founder of @castore_sportswear

Before the event, I attended a roundtable discussion with other business owners on access to finance for small & growing businesses

I asked about amending the SEIS criteria for sustainable & minority start-ups to which they said they would look into 👏

I also asked about raising the VAT threshold for small businesses, to which they said a resounding *no*...interestingly the VAT threshold is already one of the highest in the EU 🙃

The takeaways from the meeting were:

1️⃣ Bigger focus on procurement for British-founded small businesses within the government

2️⃣ Better education for new business owners on how to grow a business & access to funding, as well as a greater focus on financial education & entrepreneurship at school level

3️⃣ Improve access to VCs, which has started with a message to investors & pensioners that “not taking a risk is bigger than taking risk” (see Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Mansion House speech)

Still pinching myself I was able to attend this morning, who’d have thought losing my job 4 years ago would end with me being here 🤣

Not sure how I’m going to top this, but all I can say is I’m excited for the opportunities that are just around the corner 




New faces at PERL 👋🏼

Paige is our new intern, she’s going to be working on the marketing side, creating content for social media and getting into the analytics!

Abbie is joining our logistics team in PERL HQ, packing orders up and making the skincare!

Team PERL is growing!

Paige & Abbie


What’s coming up in March?

💖 New Lash Oil packaging!

After first launching with a spoolie brush, we are so excited to soon be launching a eyeliner brush option too!

The new brush will help you to apply the product along your lash line, but of course our original spoolie still works well to apply thr product through your lashes - the choice of which brush to use is totally up to you!

 We’ll also be launching the product with clear brushes and black text - it now matches the rest of our bottles too! When we first launched, we had to order a larger quantity of brushes if we went with clear, which was a risk as we weren’t sure how well these would sell. Now we know how much you love our Nourishing Lash Oil, we’re able to invest in ordering a larger quantity of stock and we can go with our preferred colour!

💖Our Nourishing Lash Oil will be restocked on Tuesday 5 March with super limited quantities. The new brushes will launch later in March!

💖 We’re hosting an International Women’s Day Dinner - sorry if you wanted a ticket because we are now SOLD OUT!

💖We’re working on releasing our Stimulating Hair Oil, continuing to see what our testers are thinking and getting ready to bring some amazing accessories out to accompany the whole experience of hair oiling!

💖Work continues on our next releases with a Lip Oil in the pipeline…

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