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The Perl Collection
Bethany Lofthouse-Mason

The Perl Collection

Loved it

Absolutely love this mask, my pores looked so much better after just the first use.

I am in LOVE!!

I think I own pretty much every Perl product at this point and this is hands down my favourite! I have sore skin and I often break out but this mask really does help calm and soothe it! It’s so easy to put on your face and the process of making the mask up is fun too 💚


Such a fun part of my skincare routine. After using it on many occasions my skin felt so fresh and hydrated. Perfect for all skin types.

A gift

This is a gift so cannot review the product itself, but the service and communication with Isobel from Perl has been 1st class 😊


Absolutely love it!

The best mask I’ve used! My skin hates me if I don’t use it at least once a week! This mask is always the best splurge I buy!

Still unsure

After seeing all the promotion on the Instagram page for how it’s amazing I bought it about a year ago. I wasn’t blown away, it was smaller then I thought it would be and I broke out every time I used it. So I gave it a break. When I saw there was a promotion I thought I’ll try it again since I want to support this small business and give it another go.

Obviously the size hasn’t changed but I was expecting it this time, but again, breaking out and when the oil came it was spilt in the box which was upsetting since there is a tiny bit of oil to begin with.

I am aware all skin types are different but I love the concept of it being British Clay and you can mix it yourself, but it doesn’t agree with me and my skin. I’ve never had particularly sensitive skin either.

In the booklet which has come it says do not put oil directly on skin. Then the next page they talk about using it directly on skin. Just a bit confusing.

Hi Lizzie,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review of our British Pink Clay Mask.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with the mask, and I appreciate you trying again and supporting PERL.

I'm also sorry the oil arrived spilt, if you had let us know the oil had spilt in the package, we would have been happy to send a replacement over!

The booklet actually shows two different oils. We have our Illuminating Mask Oil in the small 5ml bottle which is to be used mixed with the mask only and not advised to be used directly on your skin.

Then we have the Radiance Facial Oil in the larger 30ml bottle which is to be used directly on your skin.

Again, apologies for the confusion!

Mask Brush
Jess Robin
doing wonders for my skin already!


Amazing product

The mask is amazing and it has completely helped my skin ❤️

The Perl Collection
Umavathi Manickam

The Perl Collection

Pink clay mask

Absolutely amazing it has completely transformed my skin. My skin is normal/dry. I am obsessed and this is now my go to product and will not use any other mask

Game changer

I have a very dry skin prone to eczema and I've been struggling my whole life trying to find products that don't irritate my skin while healing it. At this point I feel like I've tried every single product out there and the results were always me being left with inflamed, dry skin.
This mask is an absolute game changer for me, my skin has never looked this good before. I never thought my skin could have such a healthy glowing look and I am most definetely making PERL part of my skincare.
I'd almost given up trying to find the right products as I really thought there were none that could help me, so a massive thank you for showing me that I can actually have a healthy looking skin, you lot are amazing <3

The Perl Collection

The Perl Collection


I am loving this mask, it only takes a few minutes to mix and it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Definitely recommend for a selfcare day

The Perl Collection
Poppy Williams

The Perl Collection

Amazing mask, amazing service

I love the mask and the oils. They are of exceptional quality & does wonders to my face. I ordered from EU and had some problems with my local courier & Isobel was very patient with me & helped me solve the problem.

The ONLY skincare item you need

I have been on the hunt for a decent face mask for longer than I can remember. I used to be a sheet mask user just because I was naive to think “the packaging says it does this, so it must”… until I found PERL.
I bought this mask from real reviews by real people. I can’t tell you how incredible it makes my skin feel and look after one use. I have a smoother, more hydrated and overall better complexion. The way you can fully customise really means you can make it to suit you and your skins needs. I’ve been on a hell of a journey with my skin and I’m finally starting to love the skin I’m in!


Love the pink clay mask, it works perfectly with my skin. Overall its just amazing💕

So Excited about US Shipping!!

I have been waiting for so so long for PERL to be available in the US, and now it is! So worth the wait :)

Fab again

As usual fab I can’t remember how many times I have ordered this now I love it!!

Excelent products

Totally happy for the products, I will buy again definitely.


I love this oil to use with the mask, I have dry skin so it’s so great to be able to customise it to my skin type!

Love this mask!

I received the clay mask and illuminating oil in this months Indy box subscription and I’m in love! Most clay masks dry out my skin so I was worried about trying it, however, with the oil added it made my skin look and feel amazing! It looked so clear and felt so soft. I have large, clogged pores so I was really impressed! Will definitely purchase again and must try other products!

So so good quality

I have teenage daughter and she just loves this mask. When she finished first jar which i got directly from Perl she asked me to get her new one. And than Indy box sent our subscription box with Perl mask in. She was so so happy. It's so great working for her skin to make it smooth and silky. Thank you