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So aesthetically pleasing and worked so nice on my skin. My skin feels very smooth and not irritated in the slightest. Also love the idea of mixing it and putting it together myself. Recommend this!!


I’ve been following isobel on tik tok and I wanted to purchase her pink clay mask so bad but….. I live in the US. This year as promised she finally was able to get US shipping and I jumped on to her website. 5 stars with shipping alone. I received my package within 7 days and I’m beyond impressed. I am in love with the clay mask. I’ve already had to order refill. My skin feels amazing. The appearance of redness has also reduced. With ordering the refill I did purchase the radiance oil so I will be back in the review section. Thank you isobel, the Perl girls and pup 🐶 from love all the way in Massachusetts USA -Liz

You need this

I ordered the sample to see what it would be like. And it was amazing after using it my skin felt so soft and the next morning my spots had gone down massively. So I’m definitely ordering the full size ones


So pretty and perfectly well made. great for decor too!!

i love it, it has left my skin glowing. Its a MUST


The product didn’t work for me but maybe it works for other. It is also very pricey and the smell of the oil is just like cooking oil. Wish it wasn’t


This product has really helped my skin and i have only used it once


I absolutely love this clay mask. My skin feels and looks amazing after using this.

Gua Sha Tool
Louise Goodwin
Wish I had purchased one sooner, it’s amazing.

I love it, and I genuinely wish I had purchased one sooner. The quality of the gua sha tool is excellent. I’ve only been using it for a few days but each time I use it my skin feels good afterwards, although I am aware it’ll be some time before I see the benefits but that’s ok. Definitely a great addition to my skin care routine.

Amazing skin

After the first use my skin felt so soft snd hydrated. I suffer with patchy dry skin due to menopause and the drops are wonderful just on their own but with that clay mask you have the perfect combination. On holiday and people are commenting of how good my skin is.
Highly recommended and will be purchasing again.

Pink clay mask

I really enjoyed mixing it all together and being able to control the control the consistency with the oil, but the best part was how my skin looked healthy and had a slight glow to it afterwards. This will be a regular mask for me from now on.


I absolutely love this oil and how it made my skin feel after using it just once! It felt so soft and it worked well under Make-up!

Radiance Facial Oil
Charlotte Vernon

leaves my skin truly hydrated and glowing. I use it after the mask and it’s just beautiful to feel fresh and giving your skin the love it needs x

Love it

It’s such a gorgeous mask, I absolutely love this and so much fun to mix too! 💕

Lovely selfcare products!

Ive been using the product for a couple of weeks and I love them - i can see the difference on how clean my face is and slight fade of past marks. The process of making the mask is fun PLUS makes it last longer , making an investment in the products! Love the brand - love the products! I recommend at least giving it a try and seeing it for yourself :)

Refills are the way forward

Firstly - being able to just refill products is such a fab concept - I love the clay mask and oil, really leaves my face feeling good and as someone with rosacea it’s so nice to use a product that doesn’t exacerbate my symptoms

Radiance Facial Oil
Sophie Gerrits
Love this!

The smell is absolutely fantastic, it does make my skin feel a little oily but I naturally have oily skin anyway and using it frequently makes my skin get used to it! The gua sha is great quality and feels great!


honestly AMAZING I’m obsessed with the oil and it makes me so glowy even through makeup and in summer it is such a must !!

Lovely mask

This mask and skin oil have been absolutely fantastic. I’ve used it twice over the past month and have definitely fallen in love with it. Can’t recommend this highly enough. Buy your own kit and see what I mean! You won’t regret it. :)

I thought it was good but it’s hard when the end as the dropper thing dosnt work

Good experience

The products are amazing and were shipped quickly.

If Carlsburg did face masks....

I've always been blessed with good skin overall but I also suffer terribly with monthly outbreaks that make me look like a teenager all over again for days. When I accidentally discovered Perl via Tiktok I decided to order a sample pack and the rest is history! Once a week I use my mask and it simply is amazing. My skin feels soft, plump and looks glowing.

The Perl Collection
Courtney Williamson

I bought the Perl collection and my skin feels amazing! I’ve only been using it for about a week but I can already start to see a difference. I have also started using the radiance oil and gua sha and my skin is so soft and glowy!

Would definitely recommend this brand and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!

Skin instantly felt revived!

The mask was so easy to make and use. After just one use my skin felt hydrated and refreshed. It helped ease redness around blemishes and I can’t wait to see more long term results 😍

British pink clay mask

I absolutely LOVE this face mask! I’ve struggled with acne since the lockdown and having to wear masks, nothing was helping I have spent hundreds on different products and this is the only one that has really cleared up my skin! I’ve had so many compliments about how glowy my skin has become and how fresh and clear it looks, it’s honestly a miracle I came across your page🥺I’ve recommended it to so many people ,Thank you☺️xx