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Article: Introducing PERL's Stimulating Hair Oil: A New Chapter in Hair Care This May

Introducing PERL's Stimulating Hair Oil: A New Chapter in Hair Care This May - PERL Cosmetics
Hair & Lash Care

Introducing PERL's Stimulating Hair Oil: A New Chapter in Hair Care This May

This May things are buzzing at PERL Cosmetics. We just celebrated our 4th birthday with a fabulous beading & boozing event at Daisy Lily, and later this month we'll be releasing our eagerly anticipated new product!

Soon our brand new Stimulating Hair Oil will be available for you to try. This new product is formulated to not only stimulate the scalp to encourage growth, it will also help restore your hairs strength and shine.

A new solution for lustrous locks

The Stimulating Hair Oil initially came from a customer email...

One of our incredible customers had purchased our viral and five times sold out Nourishing Lash Oil, and after being impressed at her lash growth she decided to also apply the product to her hairline.

She shared photos of the regrowth around her hairline and we were all taken aback by the results!

We knew we had to bring this product out to you all, so with a few tweaks to the formula, we decided to launch our viral Lash Oil - but for your hair!

Trialling our newest product 

The formula went to trials, with our wonderful product testers all sharing their testimonies and results photos - we were blown away at how it not only encouraged growth, their hair also looked so much healthier too!

"My hair is definitely more dense, it feels more hydrated and bouncy. I was struggling with scalp psoriasis and surprisingly the product helped me with it. Nothing usually helps with psoriasis, I have tried millions of products. This helped me maintain my clear scalp." - Asqa

"My hair has felt stronger, I've had less hair fall during the shower. I also think it looks healthier ( as seen from before & after). Both photos were taken after a wash without any styling products (except leave in conditioner). I feel like my curls have been more defined when I do style it too." - Jo

"My hair dresser commented on what had changed with my hair she’s seen a massive difference I feel it just feels healthier" - Amy

"The thin hair at the front of my head is getting thicker and my hair is glossier" - Abby

"I think it has grown faster! My hair is definitely softer and my scalp is less itchy" - Tiana

"Hair is more hydrated, which has helped my roots raise and not to be flat or over oily" - Shanice

"My hair feels more hydrated as my hair is curly I naturally have curly hair but after I wash the oil out and style my hair it feels very soft and my curls look healthy" - Cansu

"Hair feels stronger and less damaged, massive reduction in split ends and frizz" - Aurora

Finalising packaging with help from our community

The next step was finalising our packaging, we first went with black text to match our other products, but realised when samples arrived that as the oil is dark in colour, the text couldn't be read. 😢

Quickly we went back to the drawing board to order more samples, posting them on our Instagram stories to find out what our community thought worked best. White text on a frosted bottle was a unanimous favourite - and the option we went with!

@perlcosmetics Replying to @grace beverley I can’t believe I’ve done this again 😭 what do I do!? Please help me decide 🥲 #hairoil #hairtok #haircare #hairoiling #hairoilforhairgrowth #hairoils #hairgrowth #hairgrowthtips #productdevelopment #newproduct ♬ Stories 2 - Danilo Stankovic


Why choose PERL’s Stimulating Hair Oil?

This new Stimulating Hair Oil is made with a unique combination of natural ingredients that are recognised for their rejuvenating qualities. With our blend of natural plant and seed oils, your hair will feel fresh, revitalised and stronger, with reduced dullness, dryness and itchiness.

Our oil is compatible with all hair types, it was crucial to us during our trial stage that the hair oil could be tested on different types and we ensured there were testers from hair types 1, 2, 3 and 4. We found the oil gave positive results for all our testers, and as the oil is applied directly to the scalp it can also be used by people with braids. 

Of course it's not just women and girls who can use our revolutionary new hair oil, it's for everyone! Anyone who struggles with oily or dry scalps, dandruff or psoriasis, thinning hair or someone who just wants to add a little shine - this hair oil can work for all. 


Join us on our exciting journey

The new Stimulating Hair Oil is only PERL's first step to the haircare side of the beauty industry and we hope to develop more products in the near future.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do, we would love to hear from you on what you would like to see from PERL in the future. Please take this quick survey and let us know.

Get ready to change your haircare schedule - the Hair Oil drops 28th May! 

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