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Article: Embrace Natural Beauty with PERL’s Pinky Promise

Embrace Natural Beauty with PERL’s Pinky Promise - PERL Cosmetics

Embrace Natural Beauty with PERL’s Pinky Promise

What is “PERL's Pinky Promise”?

In a world where beauty and personal care go hand in hand with wellness and environmental awareness, PERL is making a commitment to create products that are good for the skin, the mind and the environment. 

We understand that skincare is more than just a part of your daily to-do list. It’s a commitment to improving your mental well-being and skin health.

I've always struggled with my mental health, and something that has made me feel more at peace in my mind is doing my skincare routine. That's why it was so important to me to create a brand that enhances both skin health and wellbeing.

Our Pinky Promise to you is to inspire you to feel confident in our skin, we invite you to join us and make a Pinky Promise to yourself, put yourself first and make your mental health a priority.

Our founder, Isobel, inspired by her own journey with mental health challenges created PERL to bring joy and confidence back into your skincare routine.



Why choose PERL?

Every product we offer is crafted with care and consideration for your skin's unique needs. We develop natural skincare solutions with waterless formulations that exclude harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. This not only makes our products kinder to your skin, they are also more potent and better for the planet too.

Our customisable clay masks paired with nurturing mask oils allow you to adjust your mask formula, adding more oil for dryer skin, or less for oily skin. Your skin can often change with the seasons, with a PERL clay mask you know your skincare can be customised to suit your current skin concern! 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at PERL. Our waterless products eliminate the need for harsh preservatives, and reduce our ecological footprint too. This ensures that each application is as fresh as it is effective, packed with a high concentration of active ingredients that treat your skin concerns.

With PERL you will always know exactly what you’re applying to your skin and why. Our products are free from artificial colours, fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and palm oil, embracing the true essence of natural beauty.

Make yourself a promise

Join us in making a Pinky Promise today. A promise to treat your skin with the utmost care, to be mindful of our planet, and to step confidently every day into a world where your natural beauty shines through. Let’s celebrate confidence that radiates from within and a commitment to sustainable beauty products that you can feel good about.

Unlock your glow, and redefine your skincare routine with us. Together we can create a world where beauty and wellness go hand in hand to improve our wellbeing!

Explore our full range of sustainable skincare products and find your perfect match today!

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