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Article: The Founder Forum: Starting a Skin-Care Business

The Founder Forum: Starting a Skin-Care Business - PERL Cosmetics

The Founder Forum: Starting a Skin-Care Business

An interview with Laura where I share where my inspiration for starting a skin-care business came from as well as some of the key decisions I made in starting the business.

The Founder Forum: Starting a Skin-Care Business

PERL Cosmetics was first imagined in 2019, however it wasn’t until after losing her job in 2020 during the pandemic that founder and creator Isobel Perl dedicated her time to nurturing the brand.

I asked Isobel where her inspiration stemmed from to start a skin-care business: “I’ve played around with making my own clay masks before, after I was inspired by an article of two e-commerce guys in Australia who had created a hugely successful skin-care brand by selling clay face masks. I realised there was a gap in the market for something British. I also wanted to include pearl powder, which has brilliant benefits for skin and has been used in skin-care for thousands of years, and something that was natural.”

Her surname compliments this beauty brand accompanied by the main product ingredient (pearl powder) and selected aesthetic of choice across all platforms; PERL Cosmetics presents an excellent trajectory for this natural cosmetics brand.

Isobel goes on to explain that her degree in biology “helps in understanding the chemical nature of ingredients, calculating formulations and the biology of skin”, something that fills the target customer with reassurance.

Every choice this brand makes is carefully considered with the health of its customers and our beloved planet at the forefront of its decisions. Speaking of choices, Isobel has bravely taken on this entire project single-handedly; she’s formulated ingredients, managed the social media marketing, photographed products and developed the website.

Her honesty and transparency from initial design to purchase is refreshing and gives this brand an edge in such a competitive industry.

Isobel and PERL Cosmetics deliver an immersive experience, presenting you with the opportunity to participate in product mixology. Don’t just take my word for it, treat your skin to an overdue vacation and support a local business by purchasing a British Pink Clay Mask.

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview with Laura and where I found inspiration in starting a skin-care business. If you want to see more of what Laura does, go and follow her creative journey of all things macramé at _knotinterested over on Instagram.


I found this interview, insightful and very interesting. Starting a skincare business can be very daunting, I found a course that helped me, I hope it helps you as well!


Starting a skincare business can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning and execution.


As an avid skincare enthusiast, I found this interview with Isobel Perl, the founder of PERL Cosmetics, incredibly inspiring and insightful. It’s fascinating to learn about the genesis of her brand and the passion she exudes for natural cosmetics. Isobel’s journey from a personal interest in making clay masks to launching her own skincare business truly showcases the entrepreneurial spirit.

The combination of her surname and the star ingredient, pearl powder, in PERL Cosmetics reflects a well-thought-out branding strategy that resonates with customers. Isobel’s background in biology adds credibility to her formulations and reinforces the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

One aspect that sets PERL Cosmetics apart is Isobel’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and customer well-being. In a world where conscious choices matter, supporting a local business like PERL Cosmetics not only benefits our skin but also contributes positively to our planet.

The immersive experience that Isobel and her brand deliver, allowing customers to participate in product mixology, is truly innovative and engaging. It’s heartening to see such transparency in the skincare industry, which often faces tough competition. I believe this transparency gives PERL Cosmetics a distinct edge and builds a strong sense of trust with its clientele.

Lastly, I’m thrilled to know that PERL Cosmetics offers a British Pink Clay Mask. As a firm believer in supporting local businesses, I can’t wait to treat my skin to a rejuvenating experience while contributing to the growth of a homegrown brand.

In conclusion, this interview with Isobel Perl showcases the determination and passion that fuels successful entrepreneurs in the skincare world. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring business owners and reminds us of the beauty that lies in combining nature-inspired ingredients with cutting-edge knowledge. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and genuinely enjoyable skincare experience, I highly recommend exploring PERL Cosmetics and their offerings.

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Remember, beautiful skin starts with making the right choices, and PERL Cosmetics is certainly a brand that embodies excellence, ethics, and elegance.

Mia Hannah

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