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Article: My Top 3 Skincare Shopping Tips

My Top 3 Skincare Shopping Tips - PERL Cosmetics

My Top 3 Skincare Shopping Tips

Kaya Afflick has written her top tips for skincare shopping having felt overwhelmed herself when trying to find new products. Follow these 3 simple tips to help you find the right skincare for you!

My Top 3 Skincare Shopping Tips

If you were to look at my wishlist on Superdrug, you’d be bombarded with cleansers, moisturisers, serums and face masks. However, I have to admit that when I was a teenager, I never took care of my skin, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between a cream and a serum. I was one of the lucky few that never got spots and I never wore makeup, so my skin never really had any blemishes. Looking back, I’m kind of horrified at how I treated my skin just because I was spot-free. Since then, I’ve become somewhat skincare obsessed and my drawers are overflowing with different skincare products.

When I first decided to take care of my skin, I was overwhelmed by how many products there were, which ones would be right for me and how many steps I needed to follow to get the best results. I definitely made some mistakes and wasted money, so I’ve put together my top three skincare tips to help you find the right products for you.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Test Out Different Products

Everyone has different skin that will react differently to each product. Research what you’re buying and see if they have testers or smaller quantities available for you to try. Make sure the product is right for your skin, and don’t just use a product because everyone else is. Don’t follow in my footsteps by not testing a product on my skin before using and coming out in a rash.

2. Higher Prices Don’t Always Mean Higher Quality

When I was first getting into skincare, I was looking at products that ranged from £2 - £50, and I wrongly assumed that those with a higher price point would be better for my skin. However, this isn’t always true, and I’ve learnt that a £3.50 facemask can sometimes be just as good as a product worth £35.

3. Consider the Sustainability of the Product

When buying skincare, I want to make sure that the brands I use are trusted and that I won’t be contributing to the harming of animals or the environment. There are a number of great eco-friendly brands out there waiting to be discovered. PERL Cosmetics is already on my wishlist and I can’t wait to try their products. Not only do the products look great, but knowing that they’re full of natural ingredients and made in the most eco-friendly way possible is an added plus.

Skincare allows me to look and feel better and helps keep my skin healthy. I’m always on the lookout for new products and PERL Cosmetics is one I can’t wait to try.

You can find Kaya on Instagram and follow along with her new project 'as the days go on' where she talks openly about her life with anxiety.

Kaya Afflick

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