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Article: What happened at PERL HQ in April?

What happened at PERL HQ in April? - PERL Cosmetics

What happened at PERL HQ in April?

April has been a little quieter at PERL HQ as we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to plan our next product launches, product restocks and plans for PERL’s 4th birthday!


We’ve just restocked our Lash Oil ✨

Since launching our Nourishing Lash Oil we’ve struggled to keep this in stock, and you’ve ended up selling us out 6 times now! Each time we restock we think we’ve managed to get on top of demand, and each time you exceed demand! We think we’re finally there as we now can invest in larger amounts of stock as it’s proven so popular. We launched our new brush options, so you now have a choice between:

A spoolie

The OG option (and still the most popular!), the spoolie is perfect for brushing the oil through your lashes and brows coating them from root to tip

Or an eyeliner brush

This new option is more typical of traditional lash serums and allows you to apply the product to your lash line. This will help the oil reach the roots of your lashes to replenish and encourage quick growth!


Can I get your number? 🤳🏼

PERL is now able to text you! Sign up to receive text messages from us and get advance news of any restocks and early access to new product releases. For a limited time only we’re offering you £5 off your order when you sign up for text messages from us.


Party planning is underway 🥳

PERL is turning 4 and we’re getting ready to celebrate!

I can’t quite believe my business has now been running for 4 years, it’s crazy how far we’ve come since then and the time has absolutely flown by - they do say time flies when you’re having fun! - Isobel

We’re hosting a birthday party on Thursday 9 May, and I would absolutely love to see as many of you there as possible. Tickets are available here. 

Party guests will be the FIRST to get their hands on our new Stimulating Hair Oil - we’ll be gifting them in the guest’s goodie bags, so if you want to get your hands on a free Hair Oil before anyone else, get your ticket before they sell out!


Long, luscious hair awaits you 😍

Speaking of our Stimulating Hair Oil… We’re getting ready to launch!

Our party guests will be getting exclusive early previews, but we’ll be launching in May! Make sure you’re signed up to the waitlist for early access - we have a feeling this could be another sell out launch!


Rest & recuperation 💤

Ahead of the May madness, Isobel took the chance to go away and get some rest.



Isobel signed to an influencer agency 📜

But no real rest for the wicked, as Isobel has now signed with an influencer agency! She was invited to the Sekonda event and tested her new found skills as a watch model.



It’s BYOB 💸

No, not bring your own booze - Build Your Own Bundle! 

This month you guys have been LOVING our Build Your Own Bundle, and it’s quickly risen to be one of our April bestsellers. No prizes for guessing that the Lash Oil is the most popular bundle selection, along with our British Pink Clay Mask and Waffle Cosmetics Bag.

Which would you choose? Check out our bundles here.


What’s coming up in May?

Our birthday party of course (get your tickets here)! Plus our eagerly anticipated Hair Oil will also be launching, make sure you’re signed up to the waitlist for early access.

Photoshoots are like buses, you wait all year for one, then two come along at once! Two exciting photoshoots are coming up in May, one planned by our fabulous content creator Bibi (who you will have seen all over our TikTok!) in Nottingham, and one planned by the lovely Tash in Bournemouth. We can’t wait to get the incredible photos!

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