British Pink Clay Mask - Refill

£18.00 GBP

A deeply detoxifying face mask with pearl & elderberry to brighten & illuminate tired skin whilst drawing out impurities. The glass jar comes with a bamboo spoon so you can get your measurements perfect each time.

Offering a refillable option that is fully recyclable so you can reuse your old glass jar & know you are shopping consciously by producing less waste.

Deeply detoxifies to draw out impurities & pollutants from your skin to clean & tighten pores whilst leaving you with bright & illuminated skin in just 10 minutes.

Created using a waterless & preservative-free formula, making it kinder to your skin.

1 x 18g British Pink Clay* in a glass jar & 1 x old branded bamboo spoon
1 x 18g British Pink Clay* in a cardboard jar

*The colour of the mask may vary due to the natural colouring of the elderberry powder

1. Gently lift the metal cap from the cardboard jar
2. Clean and dry the glass jar
3. Use the spoon to transfer the powder into the glass jar
* Remember to tap the glass jar on a surface to remove air whilst transferring

1. Add 2 heaped scoops of British Pink Clay to the bowl
2. Add 1-2 scoops of water & mix with the silicone brush
3. Add the Illuminating Mask Oil according to your skin type:
Oily complexion: add up to 10 drops
Dry complexion: add up to 20 drops

Use the mask either in the morning or evening.

1. Cleanse
2. Serum
3. Mask using our British Pink Clay & Illuminating Mask Oil
4. Hydrate using a light moisturiser followed by our Radiance Facial Oil
5. SPF (AM only)

Kaolin, Calcium bentonite, Pearl powder, Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) fruit extract, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice powder, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C), Retinol (Vitamin A).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Sophie Gerrits

The best mask I’ve used! My skin hates me if I don’t use it at least once a week! This mask is always the best splurge I buy!

Lizzie Dodd
Still unsure

After seeing all the promotion on the Instagram page for how it’s amazing I bought it about a year ago. I wasn’t blown away, it was smaller then I thought it would be and I broke out every time I used it. So I gave it a break. When I saw there was a promotion I thought I’ll try it again since I want to support this small business and give it another go.

Obviously the size hasn’t changed but I was expecting it this time, but again, breaking out and when the oil came it was spilt in the box which was upsetting since there is a tiny bit of oil to begin with.

I am aware all skin types are different but I love the concept of it being British Clay and you can mix it yourself, but it doesn’t agree with me and my skin. I’ve never had particularly sensitive skin either.

In the booklet which has come it says do not put oil directly on skin. Then the next page they talk about using it directly on skin. Just a bit confusing.

Hi Lizzie,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review of our British Pink Clay Mask.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with the mask, and I appreciate you trying again and supporting PERL.

I'm also sorry the oil arrived spilt, if you had let us know the oil had spilt in the package, we would have been happy to send a replacement over!

The booklet actually shows two different oils. We have our Illuminating Mask Oil in the small 5ml bottle which is to be used mixed with the mask only and not advised to be used directly on your skin.

Then we have the Radiance Facial Oil in the larger 30ml bottle which is to be used directly on your skin.

Again, apologies for the confusion!

Lauren Palmer
Fab again

As usual fab I can’t remember how many times I have ordered this now I love it!!

Saskia Masters
Must have clay mask

I love this clay mask as it’s made for you to suit your own skin care. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and glowing. I love that you can get refills to help save on waste

nia finlay
Refills are the way forward

Firstly - being able to just refill products is such a fab concept - I love the clay mask and oil, really leaves my face feeling good and as someone with rosacea it’s so nice to use a product that doesn’t exacerbate my symptoms

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