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Article: 6 reasons to use a Gua Sha tool

6 reasons to use a Gua Sha tool - PERL Cosmetics

6 reasons to use a Gua Sha tool

Gua meaning 'to scrape' and Sha meaning 'redness of the skin'

Doesn't sound like something that would be too good for your skin, right? Well as intimidating as it sounds, the practice of using a Gua Sha tool dates back centuries.

The treatment was popularised in China where it was used to fight illnesses caused by inflammation as practitioners used the tool to literally 'scrape sickness out of the body'.

However the practice of using a stone tool to scrape across the skin actually can date all the way back to the stone age.

It's a simple process, and one that doesn't need any fancy modernisation to still have the same amazing skin benefits as it has for hundreds of years.

1. Tones and contours the face

Who needs a facelift when you can give yourself one at home?

Using the Gua Sha tool as a regular step in your routine has been proven over time to define your cheekbones and jawline, as the tool is repeatedly used in these areas.

2. Reduce puffiness

These effects can be seen immediately after using a Gua Sha, and the results can often be astounding. The naturally cool feeling of the rose quartz aids works alongside the movement of the tool to aid lymphatic drainage to reveal an instantly lifted look.

Start out working lightly, then push more firmly to give your face muscles a deep massage. 

3. Boosts blood circulation

The practise of facial massage works a lot like massaging any part of your body, as the muscles are stretched and kneaded encouraging bloody flow to these areas.

After doing a Gua Sha routine, your face may appear red in an almost 'just worked out' kind of way. This just means you're doing it right and increasing blood circulation to your face, which will aid cell turnover too.

4. Relieves muscle tension and stress

It's pretty strange to think about, but we actually hold a lot of muscle tension in our faces. Our facial muscles are working overtime throughout the day as we talk, eat and express ourselves, and it can cause tightness in the jaw or temples, which could turn into a headache or result in teeth clenching or grinding.

Using a Gua Sha in your evening routine can help you relax after a long day, and is the perfect way to wind down and relax the muscles before bed. First apply our Radiance Facial Oil to allow the tool to slide across the skin, then move the tool across the jawline and down the sides and back of your neck for an immediate feeling of tension diffusion. 

5. Aids lymphatic drainage

Fluid in our lymphatic system carries waste and toxins around the body, gentle massage encourages the movement of these fluids and pushes them towards lymphatic drainage points. 

This isn't just for your face - you have various points all over your body and you can even have full body massages to aid lymphatic drainage across your entire body. 

6. Finally... rose quartz is the crystal for universal love

Most Gua Sha tools are made of a form of quartz, and our Gua Sha is made from the incredible stone, rose quartz.

This stone has so many incredible properties that make these tools great for the skin. It's naturally cooling, and it's believed to hold properties to generate skin cell renewal and improve uneven or dull skin. 

On top of this rose quartz is the crystal that represents love. It's believed that using, owning or holding these crystals helps balance emotions of the heart. 


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