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Article: How to get the best results from using a Lash Oil

How to get the best results from using a Lash Oil - PERL Cosmetics

How to get the best results from using a Lash Oil

Lash oils are a relatively new product, and are often used as a safer and natural alternative to lash serums, which can contain a lot of harsh chemicals and even growth hormones.

As you begin to use a lash oil for the first time, questions spring to mind. We want to make sure you're using your new lash oil correctly, to ensure the best results.


How do I use the Nourishing Lash Oil?

Brush the spoolie through your lashes and brows.


How much oil should I apply to my lashes and brows?

Applying to lashes

Two to three brush stokes will be enough to lightly coat the hairs and reach to the root of your lashes along your eyeline.

Try not to over apply as oils can often be a little irritating if they get into your eyes. Your lashes should not be 'dripping' in oil.

Applying to eyebrows

For your brows, you can apply a little more liberally, brush the spoolie through your brows and coat the hairs right down to the roots. If you feel you have oil around your brows following application, take a cotton bud or a tissue and wipe any excess.

Feeling oily or 'wet' after applying?

Following application to your lashes or brows, your hairs may continue to feel oily or 'wet'. Oil based products do not dry down as quickly as a serum, as the chemical make up of a serum is designed to dry quickly to adhere to skin. Without any unnecessary chemicals, oils will sit on the hairs as they penetrate and deeply nourish. It's normal for your lashes to feel 'wet' and this is why we recommend the lash oil is used before going to bed. 

Less is more

Less is definitely more when it comes to using a lash or brow oil, you will only need a very light coating to nourish your lashes and brows. This also means the product will last a long time!

If any irritation occurs, or you feel your eyes are too oily, apply a little less product next time. A small amount goes a long way and applying less will not slow your lash progress!



Can the Lash Oil also be used on eyebrows?

Yes definitely! The blend of oils is designed to nourish and aid the growth of any and all hair (it's your choice where to apply!). 

The oil could also be applied around the hairline to help baby hairs or sparse spots grow back. For those with facial hair, the oil can also be applied to beards or moustaches to help them grow longer, thicker or fuller too. 


When should I be applying a lash oil?

Apply the oil onto clean lashes and brows before bed.

Ensure your lashes and brows are free of any make-up. While make-up will not prevent the product from working, you may transfer your mascara or brow products onto your spoolie and into your tube of lash oil. This may appear as tiny dark particles in the lash oil tube and is nothing to worry about if transfer does occur and the oil can still be used. 


When can I expect to see results?

You should see results after three months of daily use, but as with any product this can differ from person to person. We recommend taking a 'before' photo so you can track your progress.

If you do take any 'before and after' progress photos, we would love to see them! Send them over to Isobel at


I use an eye mask to sleep in, will this affect my use of the lash oil?

The mask will not limit the growth but it may rub off some of the oil onto the mask. You may need to wash your mask more frequently if oil spots appear. 

There are many styles of sleep masks which are designed to cushion the area around your eyes leaving space for your lashes. These are very comfortable to sleep in and we would recommend one for anyone seeking to protect their lashes while wearing an eye mask, whether it's because you have lash extensions or product applied. 


Any more questions?

If you have a question about our Nourishing Lash Oil, or lash oils in general, comment it below, or drop us an email or message on Instagram and we'll get back to you!

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I’m on day 3 and been trying to use as little amount as possible, but it’s making my vision very blurry after applying. I might have to stop using soon but I’m hoping that maybe when I use it on day 4 it wont happen anymore


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