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Article: What happened at PERL in April?

What happened at PERL in April? - PERL Cosmetics

What happened at PERL in April?

Following our trip to NYC at the end of March, April has turned out to be a busy month for PERL!

What have we been up to in April?

PERL hit 7000 orders (and refunded one of your orders to celebrate!)

It's been an unbelievably busy couple of weeks, so much so that we even missed refunding order #7000 (as we usually do when we hit these milestones!).

So instead we refunded order #7125 - which we were shocked to have hit so soon. A big thank you to all of our customers who've helped us get to here, we owe it all to you. 


Isobel took part in the Truly Twenties event panel

After initially planning to attend the Truly Twenties 'Empowering Women' event as a guest, Isobel was asked to step in as a guest speaker after a last minute cancellation.

She spoke alongside Millie Gooch - founder of Sober Girl Society, and Montelle Bee, a Youtuber creating content around mindet, finances and relationships.

"The panel was an incredible experience and I was honoured to speak alongside some incredible women absolutely smashing it in everything they're doing!"



We introduced our new rewards platform

Popp is our brand new way to reward customers for completing mini tasks. These range from leaving PERL a review, to sharing PERL with your friends.

Collect coins for completing tasks, then convert your coins to money off your next order

Have you signed up to earn coins with Popp yet?


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Onyx Media took some incredible photos using our products

We love the outcome of our latest photoshoot with Onyx Media - they used our pink and green clay masks together to create some incredible multi masking shots. 


Isobel spoke about her experience starting a business on the Talk Twenties podcast

Talk Twenties invited Isobel to speak on their podcast 


What's coming up in May?

We've begun formulating new products

Isobel has long suffered with trichotillomania, a compulsive desire to pull out your hair, and for Isobel this means her eyelashes and eyebrows. 

She uses lash serums to help her lashes grow as she picks, but can't remember when she last had a full set of healthy lashes. Being a skincare formulator she's now begun working on a lash growth oil to help her (and one day soon - your) lashes go strong and healthy. 


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